"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

Today, as a married couple, we enjoy rock climbing at Upper Limits–working out together as a team, sampling craft beer together (Dan’s favorite STL brewery is Urban Chestnut!), watching the Food Network, enjoying delicious eats smoked or grilled by Dan (his latest creation was Duck with a cranberry orange glaze sauce...absolutely scrumptious!), and spending time with our daughter, Zoe.

Together, we have enjoyed opportunities to travel to Italy, England, Ireland, France, Germany, India, Thailand, China, Australia, Africa on safari, Costa Rica (where we adopted our dog Bonnie from the beach), and Iceland (one of our favorite trips to date). We’ve been bitten by the travel bug, and love traveling with our daughter for your special events. To date, we captured engagement sessions in Switzerland and weddings across the States in Ohio, Texas, Florida, and internationally in Cancun.

We met and fell in love because of a photography dark room

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I wish I could say I always knew I wanted to be a photographer. I come from a long line of artists, my mom a retired ballroom dancer, my dad a massage therapist and my grandma–a woman after my own heart–was a photographer and acrylic painter for over 40 years. I spent many nights in her studio conceptualizing creative ideas, and putting media to paper. An advocate for the arts and past thespian I found myself in love with words, paint and anything creative.

The summer I headed off to college, my grandpa gave me an old 35 mm film. Through that gift, I fell in love with film, the dark room, and met the love of my life Dan. Photography became everything I loved about art–the connection and seeing the project come to fruition from inspiration. It is real, raw and honest, growing from love, my loved ones and the grassroots of my lineage. The photographs I create tell stories of legacy.

I love that weddings bring people together. After capturing over 400 weddings, I find weddings make me more emotional than ever. Having the honor of being a part of each couple’s first day of marriage moves me. It’s such a short, whirlwind of a day. I honestly don’t even remember parts of ours! There were so many moments I was in my own head, a true planner at heart. My deepest, truest advice to prospective couples is stay present. Savor every second of your day!

My approach to preserving your memories holds true to this advice as well. While I take an active role in family portraits and pose and give direction during creatives, I encourage our couples to unplug, drive around on that party bus for an hour, and get weird! Because, you know what? You spent months or years planning and you deserve to enjoy it!

I take my job to remind you “Hey! Relax! We’ve got this” seriously. I believe in these real, raw moments...and a few candids with assistance. Because sometimes when the stress is creeping in, it’s my job to help you get into the right headspace, so you can be 100% you and I can capture your unique couple-ality.

I became a mama in January of 2021 and I now cry at father daughter dances as I envision our Zoe with Dan someday. Looking back through my own family albums, it brings me such joy to share stories with my husband about growing up.

I believe weddings bring people together. I believe life is worth remembering, that these fleeting moments only happen once and should be cherished as heirlooms with future generations.

Meet MegAN



Studied Fashion Photography at SDC college of style design

Worked for plus production in Milan, Italy and photographed for Revlon

Featured in Bride and Groom Magazine, Perfect Wedding Guide, and Bride Magazine

Holds a BA in Photography



Heck yes!

My grandparents' love story was one for the ages, creating a legacy that I am proud to be a part of.

My big, loud St. Louis catholic family fills any space they enter, playing games and making everyone feel welcome. As a child, I was always interested in my Grandpa’s video camera and my mom’s SLR. Grandpa was always recording our family gatherings for Christmas, Easter, and your everyday family bbq. I love rewatching those videos now, seeing my family growing and changing through the years. So many happy times on those old VHS tapes. I began to follow along in their footsteps, taking my mom’s camera and photographing our family adventures.

My grandparents’ both passed away in recent years, and the last professional photos we have of them are from our wedding. They’ve become such treasured heirlooms that we are keenly aware of as we preserve other family’s legacies. Those delightful memories from our day one of marriage are ones we will cherish sharing with our own daughter someday.

The photos we have hanging in our home remind us of both a lifetime of memories and the marriage we strive toward. The kindness, compassion and love is a story we will turn to to remind us of how lucky we are.

A St. Louis native, I attended Lindbergh High School, studied art at Mizzou, and have an associate of fine arts degree in photography. One of my favorite spots in STL is Urban Chestnut Brewery because of its German roots and modern style beers. As they say, “New world meets old world.” The atmosphere at both locations, the Beerhall and Biergarten, lends a sense of community with big tables where you’re sure to make new friends. 
*Dan also loves soccer and wants to coach his daughter, like his dad coached him.

I savor the opportunity to grill for family and friends, gathering with the ones we love and enjoying good food and drinks, plenty of stories and laughs.

Meet Dan



Holds an Associate's Degree in photography from STLCC Meramec